What is Aerial Solutions ?

Aerial Solutions is a Namibian – based company that specializes in the creation of spatial data obtained by means of aerial photography according to the customer’s needs using Manned/Unmanned Aerial technology for public/private and industrial applications.

We deliver a variety of spatial data ranging from detailed topographic surveys, high resolution mapping, volumes of stockpiles, 3D modelling, contour generation and more. The data is captured by means of aerial surveys using UAV and MAV which is then converted to 3D models from which the data is extracted.

Our aim is to build healthy long-term personal/business relationships with our clients and doing everything in our ability to keep our clients satisfied by providing them with affordable products that best serves their mapping needs.

We offer a variety of solutions such as aerial imaging and mapping services with accuracies ranging from 2cm and covering areas ranging from 5Ha up to any size required by client.