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Welcome to Aerial Solutions

Professional Aerial Surveys

Aerial Solutions is a Namibian – based company that specializes in the creation of spatial data obtained by means of aerial photography combined with RTK GPS technology anywhere in the country.

Our Capabilities

Cessna 182

  • Range of 1500HA +
  • Mapping
  • Wildlife Census

Delta Quad VTOL

  • Range of 100HA – 1500HA
  • Mapping
  • Wildlife Census
  • Thermal Mapping/Inspection


  • Range of 10HA – 100HA
  • Mapping
  • Thermal Inspection


  • Range of 5HA – 50HA
  • Mapping
  • Video
  • Photography

Aerial Solutions and Bushskies Aviation have been working in close collaboration for the past 10 years and developed a very reliable, personal and business relationship built on trust and friendship.

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